What to Expect:

A comprehensive history of your injury will be taken. The examination includes functional movement  procedures designed to find the cause of your pain. Upon conclusion of the exam, Terry La Rosh will explain his findings. He will also explain a suitable treatment plan and options. At this point, you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have with him. On follow-up treatments, Terry will focus on one area of complaint at a time to allow for the best outcomes.

Comprehensive Exam duration is 30 minutes.

No treatment will be rendered on the first appointment. Treatment will begin in a subsequent appointment and is guided by the exam findings from the first visit.  

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment:

1. Complete the intake forms that are available.

2. Plan on 30 minutes for initial exam and follow-up explanation.

3. Please wear loose fitting clothes (No skirts or jeans).

  • If you have a neck or shoulder complaint we prefer you wear a tank top.
  • If you have a lower extremity complaint (hip,knee or foot) please wear shorts.

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